Letter to the Editor: April 2020

To the Editor, 

Dunmore suffered an unimaginable tragedy recently with the loss of life of four innocent people, three of whom were children. If not for the efforts of the ALL the brave and highly trained firefighters from Dunmore, and also Scranton and several surrounding communities, as well as our excellent Dunmore Police Department, loss of life could have been a lot worse . Lt. Eric Shigo , from the Dunmore Fire Department , risked all he has in life to enter that third floor inferno and rescued two of those children from that blaze , and was himself trapped and disoriented for a while, thus the Fireman’s MAYDAY that went out. 

I’d like to personally acknowledge Eric for his efforts to save lives that also could have been lost. I’d also like to thank all the brave firefighters and police officers on that fire scene on Wheeler Ave /Third Street in Dunmore that Monday night / Tuesday morning . GOD BLESS the family for their loss, and GOD BLESS all the First Responders who were there !!

Paul Nardozzi
Dunmore (Former Dunmore Council member)

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