Dunmorean of the Month: Paul Jackson

Dunmorean of the Month - Paul Jackson

By Steve Svetovich

Dunmore’s Paul Jackson has been serving the community for 35 years through his advertising business PS Advertising Specialty Company. 

His wife Sharon was very much a part of it. But his beloved wife suddenly passed away at 62 after an illness this past Dec. 10. 

Now the long time Dunmore businessman is carrying on with the business, located at his home, 6 Debbie Drive, Dunmore, with the help of the couple’s daughter, Dana, 23.

Dana is also the assistant director of Crimson Company Performing Arts, the Dunmore High School Drama Club.

As marriage and business partners, Jackson and his late wife served the Dunmore community with zeal and love. His wife was his marketing and advertising partner in the business. Now his daughter Dana will help her dad carry on that tradition.

Jackson, 63, and his late wife always loved serving the Dunmore community and surrounding areas. Their customer base reached as far as Canada and Europe.

Jackson’s healing and grieving over his wife’s sudden passing includes telling the story and recalling lifelong memories of his loved one.

“She was very much a part of the business,” he said. “We’ve been in business since 1985 and she initially helped part time while working at North Penn Bank in Scranton where she was secretary to the president. She left that position in 2002 to work strictly with me for our PS Advertising business. She did a lot of presentations and most of the art work. She was very good at that. My daughter is going to try to fill some of that void now.

“I am able to find comfort in that my wife did not have to go through a lot of suffering. She was very sick and was facing a lot of suffering with a recent cancer diagnosis. I know she did not want to suffer. I find comfort through God that she is at peace.”

Son of the late William and Freda Jackson, the Dunmore businessman said he will continue to serve Dunmore and the general public.

“We match customers with promotional products that work with what they want to accomplish through advertising.

“Most of our customers are established. Most of our business is now done by phone or internet. We recently started online fundraising stores. Some of our customers from this include Dunmore High School, Marywood University, YMCA swimming, local dance studios and businesses. 

34126_134205526603868_2082152_n“We offer promotional and printing products such as calendars, apparel and clothing, signs, banners and business cards. We are very big on clothing and apparel.”

Jackson said his idea to start his own advertising business began when he was working for a local balloon manufacturer. 

“I asked my boss if I could sell my own balloons on the side. I got the okay to do it and people started asking me for pens, t-shirts and mugs. That’s how it all started. I decided to start my own advertising business in 1985.”

Jackson initially ran his advertising business from 1985 to 1994 in Dickson City. He and his late wife then bought a building in Scranton and ran it there from 1994 to 2008 before deciding to move it to the couple’s Debbie Drive home in Dunmore.

Jackson, a 1974 North Pocono graduate, and his late wife Sharon, a 1975 Dunmore graduate, were married 40 years before her passing. The couple’s daughter Dana is a 2014 Dunmore graduate and received a bachelor of arts degree in Theatre from Marywood University in 2018.

Sharon’s mother, Jane Seeger, Dunmore, died at 89 in May due to pancreatic cancer. Sharon was helping her mom deal with her cancer diagnosis while she was not feeling well herself. Her dad Bill Seeger, Dunmore, is now grieving over the passing last year of both his wife and daughter.

“My daughter and I have him over often for dinner,” said Jackson. “He is on his own, but we are a family. The people of Dunmore have been so kind and supportive to us during our grieving. They have been so wonderful offering us meals, comfort and plenty of emotional support. 

“My wife would want us to go on and we will continue to serve the community through our advertising company and business products. My daughter is slowly learning the business. We are grateful to the community for their ongoing support.”

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