Dunmoreans of the Month: Shelley Nardozzi and Nessa Franko

dunmoreanBy Steve Svetovich

Who you gonna’ call? Dustbusters! Shelley Nardozzi and Nessa Franko had an idea 32 years ago and put it to work.

“Nessa was newly married and I had three little kids,” said Shelly Nardozzi of Dunmore. “We both wanted to work flexible hours and loved to clean. So we started our own cleaning business.”

And so Dustbusters Cleaning Team was formed. 

Currently in its 33rd year, Dustbusters now has Nardozzi and Franko as administrators and 38 employees under them. Dustbusters is a cleaning operation for commercial businesses in the Dunmore and Scranton area. 

Nardozzi, 63, moved to Dunmore in the beginning of eighth grade and is a 1974 Dunmore High School graduate. Her late parents, Daniel and Elizabeth Nardozzi, are from Dunmore.

“My parents always taught me to work hard and be honest. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Nessa and I try to apply that code of ethics to our business.”

Nardozzi has three children: Rob Swartz, 41, Dunmore; Danielle Lingo, 41, Connecticut, and Lauren Malecki, 29, Philadelphia.

Her significant other of 18 years is Keith Bedford.

Nessa, 59, is married to Joe Sulz. She is a 1978 graduate of Tunkhannock High School, but has lived in Dunmore for 35 years. 

The couple has one child, Corey Miles, 30, of Jessup.

Nardozzi, who worked previously as a dental hygienist for 10 years, and Franko started Dustbusters doing all of the work by themselves. However, the business started to thrive and grow with employees working under them. Now they serve strictly as co administrators for the Dustbusters Cleaning Team. The business is well known and respected throughout the Dunmore community and Scranton. 

The business partners said serving their customers honestly and satisfactorily and treating people right are always the goals.  

Nardozzi and her partner love serving the Dunmore community and surrounding Scranton area. “Dunmore is a small town,” Nardozzi said. “People help each other out. We all have each other’s backs. Nessa and I like to give back to the community. We contribute to all the charities we can.”

During the Thanksgiving season, Nardozzi and Franko contribute to Family to Family, the Christmas Mission Homeless Center, and Saint Francis of Assisi Kitchen.

The Dunmore business partners also contribute during the Christmas season to Adopt a Family and by providing monetary donations for children in need at the Dunmore Elementary School. 

Nardozzi and Franko put a lot of time into their Dustbusters business. A 60-hour work week is not uncommon for them, but the two Dunmore women love what they do. They love cleaning and helping people. 

Nardozzi and Franko have a common theme when it comes to their faithful customers. The hard-working and community-minded Dunmore women said they believe in not taking anything for granted, not overcharging people, being kind and helpful, and helping those in need.

It’s a mind set that has worked for over three decades. And the successful business partners have no plans of retiring soon.

Both agree that there is nothing better than serving and helping and giving back to the community.

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