NOW OPEN: Intact Health and Wellness Center of Dunmore

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Drs. Mark Albert and Sam Sebastianelli are shown at the new Intact Health and Wellness Center in Dunmore. The medical doctor and pharmacist have teamed up to optimize patient care for area residents.

Strong working relationships between physicians and pharmacists are needed to optimize patient care.  The collaboration between both medical fields minimizes the barriers to patient care and optimizes treatments which results in improved outcomes.  

With that in mind, Dr. Mark Albert, MD and Dr. Samuel Sebastianelli Jr. PHARMD have teamed up to open the first Wellness Center in Dunmore featuring therapies derived from CBDs. The facility is located at 702 N. Blakely Street Suite 10.

The successful coordination and delivery of comprehensive care requires an expansive understanding of disease states, their medical treatments, and a network of health care providers who are both willing to listen to the concerns of their patients and can accordingly formulate an inclusive treatment plan. 

At the Intact Health & Wellness Center of Dunmore, patients will have the benefit of a partnership between a doctor and a pharmacist who will create a positive health environment for the optimization of patient care. 

Recognizing the importance and need for better patient outcomes within the cannabis industry, Drs .Mark Albert and Samuel Sebastianelli Jr. have completed several classes, attended seminars, and performed an extraordinary amount of research into cannabinoid science.   

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Intact Health and Wellness Center is designed to contribute and enhance life in several areas of wellness through emotional, physical, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational wellness. Dr. Mark Albert and Dr. Sam Sebastianelli are shown at the new facilities in Dunmore.

Cannabidiol, the most abundant of the phytocannabanoids has been getting a lot of positive press lately due to a growing body of scientific studies that demonstrate its effectiveness in ameliorating a wide variety of health concerns.  Pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia are just some of the health conditions that CBDs have been known to positively affect. 

As the use of medical cannabis and CBD continues to grow and be recognized as a viable adjunct treatment for a wide variety of ailments; patients will need guidance to navigate through the often confusing minutiae of dosage forms, drug interactions, and perceived outcomes which pertain to each product.  The health care team led by Dr. Mark Albert will make sure that each patient’s experience at Intact Wellness Center of Dunmore is both a memorable and educational one.

The term “wellness” can mean different things to different people, but generally refers to the integration of treating the whole person’s wellness mind, body and soul. 

Intact Health and Wellness Center is designed to contribute and enhance life in several areas of wellness through emotional, physical, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational wellness. Persons can stop in or call to arrange for a treatment for hormone replacement for men and women, Botox, dermal fillers, dermabrasion, laser hair removal, facials and micropimentation, massage, acupuncture from a qualified and trained professional. 

Also being offered will be educational programs and classes that cover a wide range of health-related topics, such as medical advice, meditation, breathing exercises, reiki (energy healing), and more. 

The vision of Intact Health and Wellness Center is to provide the resources needed to inspire and empower patients to set goals, make decisions, focus on growth and transformation while staying committed to what is really important to them.

Intact Health & Wellness Center will offer retail sales of CBD products such as skin care products, oils, pain crème, gummies, vape pens, pet oils, soda, water, coffee, and more. What’s unique about the wellness center is that clients will have the opportunity to experience products while waiting to see a professional or in use during a session.

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  1. I have neurological issues plus anxiety that cause alot of twitching and spasms… Just bought a product today and already symptoms are easing up and I feel a sense of well-being without having to take pharmaceuticals… And since insurance does not cover cbd products, I must say the products are very affordable. Even more so than ordering a cbd product online… I am excited to finally have a reliable and trust worthy place to get my oils… Best of luck to you Sam n the business…👍

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