Dunmore Fifth Grade Girls Basketball Team Showing Signs of Bright Future

Fifthh grade girls #2

Dunmore fifth grade girls’ basketball teammates include, first row, from left: Ella Brier, Maeve Haggerty, Quinn King and Fiona Hinton. Second row, same order: Sadie Ondek, Amanda Dempsey, Emma Fazio, Jacklyn Brown and Rachel Walsh.

By Steve Svetovich

The Dunmore fifth grade elementary basketball team is showing signs of a very bright future.

The group of nine girls, coached by Kevin Walsh, John Haggerty and Jack Dempsey, was also a part of the Dunmore Biddy B girls all-star team. Both teams finished undefeated for a combined 31-0 record.

The elite nine consist of Rachel Walsh, Amanda Dempsey, Jacklin Brown, Ella Brier, Sadie Ondek, Quinn King, Mave Haggerty, Fiona Hinton and Emma Fazio.

Ava Walsh and Maddie Dempsey served as ball girls.

Rachel Walsh, Amanda Dempsey, Jacklin Brown and Mave Haggerty served as the leaders of the team.

All were a part of the undefeated Dunmore fifth grade elementary team, the undefeated Dunmore Biddy B girls’ all-star team and most played in the Green Ridge Basketball League. The group of girls also won league titles in the Dickson City and Riverfront Fall Leagues.

Fifthh grade girls

Members of the Dunmore Fifth Grade Girls Basketball team include, front row, from left: Maddie Dempsey, ball girl; Sadie Ondek, Emma Fazio, Jacklyn Brown, Rachel Walsh, and Ava Walsh, ball girl. Second row, same order: Amanda Dempsey, Ella Brier, Fiona Hinton, Quinn King and Maeve Haggerty.

“All of these girls played together on the fifth grade team and in fall leagues at the Riverfront and Dunmore Community Center. They started late in August and finished at the end of February. They were even undefeated as all-stars. They play together very well as a unit.

“These girls play so well together that a lot of people are comparing them to the Dunmore Lady Bucks who went all the way to the state title game this past season. These girls are going to be future Dunmore Lady Bucks and they are all going to get there at the same time. So maybe there is a very bright future for all of them.

“These girls really enjoy playing together and representing the Dunmore community.

“Most of these girls play other sports as well, but the core will continue playing basketball right through high school and possibly beyond. There is a lot of talent there.

“These girls skills really developed from last season when they were in the fourth grade. “They played hard all the time. They played very well together and they all get along well.

“They are very unselfish and driven. They are just a great group to be around.

“They started in the fall and then went undefeated in two leagues. And they had a lot of fun doing it. The future continues to be bright for girls’ basketball in Dunmore.

Rachel Walsh is the leading scorer on the very well balanced team. Her sister Ava and Maddie Dempsey, both ball girls, also appear to have bright futures in the basketball program.

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