Act Out Theatre Group Presents: “Shrek the Musical”

Act Out cast members

Cast members of “Shrek the Musical” are shown gathered before a rehearsal. The show will be presented in February and March by Act Out Theatre of Dunmore.

Act Out Theatre Group LLC is letting its freak flag fly in Shrek the Musical, which will run from Feb. 22 to March 3. Dan Pittman, artistic director, leads the cast of 25.

“Shrek is a hilarious musical that celebrates differences,” Pittman said. “It’s a great musical for young performers because it pushes them outside of their comfort zones and helps them realize that the things that make them unique make them strong.”

Shrek the Musical is based of the Dreamworks Animation Pictures motion picture. When fairytale creatures are sequestered onto Shrek’s swamp, Shrek, portrayed by Will Block and Rocco Pugliese, ventures to the castle of Lord Farquaad, played by Rebecca Brandreth and Caelan Baden.

Act Out_ Shrek Fiona

Leslie O’Connor portrays Fiona in a production of “Shrek the Musical” to be presented Feb. 22 through March 3 by Act Out Theatre in Dunmore.

Along the way he meets the outspoken and boisterous Donkey, played by Max Snyder and Will Seijna. The two are tasked by Lord Farquaad to rescue the self-sufficient Princess Fiona, played by Leslie O’Connor.

The cast also includes Sarah Pugliese, Lorcan Baden, Emily Carey of Dunmore; Giada Gowden, Emma Christianson , Milana Snyder, Ava Kulenich, Nora Simrell, Ally Spangenburg, Sam Greenfield, Allie Katz, and Emily Nowikowski.

Shrek also includes a group of young performers ages 6-11 in the children ensemble. Kalen Churcher directs the children ensemble.

“The children’s ensemble is a great opportunity for younger children to get to work alongside older teens,” Churcher said. “In Shrek, specifically, they will be playing smaller roles in the show.”

The children ensemble includes Ben Gruden, Dacyn Koretz, Dallas Fernandes, Chloe Kutney, and Evangeline Gowden.

Karl Barbee, the show’s choreographer; Perry Rose, and Frank Carey from Dunmore; will be alternating the role of Papa Ogre.

“I am excited to be playing Papa Ogre,” Carey said. “Being in costume and assuming a character is something I enjoy. I love that I get to open the show by kicking Shrek out of the swamp at a young age and setting him on his journey,.”

“The staff at Act Out Theatre looks at everyone’s individuality and help them to shine no matter what level they are at,” he continued.

Act Out Theatre Group recently relocated to Dunmore from Taylor.

“Our original location in Taylor, was sold in April,” Pittman said. “We have been working diligently to create a new environment where young performers can learn and grow as artists.”

Shrek the Musical runs on the Act Out Theatre Group stage, 150 E Grove Street, Dunmore, from Feb. 22 to March 3 with performances Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for students/seniors at the door. Tickets reserved or purchased in advance are $10 for Student/Senior and $15 for Adults. Tickets can be purchased by visiting

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