Athlete of the Month: Emma Coar

Athlete of the Month - Emma CoarBy Steve Svetovich

Dunmore High School Homecoming Queen Emma Coar has many passions, but one stands out.

She is a kicker for the district champion Dunmore football team.

Daughter of Thomas and Jennifer Coar, the multi talented senior is also ranked second in her class with a 98.9 academic average.

Emma excels on the Dunmore soccer team where she is a captain and two-time All-Star. She is a member of the school band, member and treasurer of the honor society, vice president of the Spanish Club, treasurer of the Music Guild and writes for the school newspaper.

And it was Dunmore veteran football coach Jack Henzes, currently recuperating from a heart ailment, who asked Emma to join the football team.

“Coach Henzes asked me in gym class,” said Emma. “He saw me in kickball and liked how I kicked.

“I thought about it and looked at it as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I looked at it as a great way to remember my senior year.

“My parents were very supportive. They had my back and were there for me. They always teach me to have a strong work ethic.”

Emma went on to excel as a kicker. She kicked over 40 extra points for the district champions.

“It was not a problem with the boys on the team. They looked at me as another athlete on the team. Just like anyone else. They never looked at me as different.

“The practices were not that hard for me. I pretty much was on my own with workouts during practice.

bucks“Coach Henzes continued to support me. He is always very supportive. Even though he was out, Kevin McHale and the other coaches were always in contact with him. Coach McHale was also very supportive.”

Emma, humble and hard working, said she is undecided about a college major but would like to attend the University of Scranton. Her favorite subject is history.

“I like all my classes though.”

Emma enjoys music and would love to see Khalid, an R and B rap artist, in concert.

She talked about another one of her passions, soccer.

“I love soccer,” she said. “You need to put in a lot of work and time to excel in it. You need to be passionate about it.”

Emma said her experience at Dunmore High School has been awesome.

“I learned a very good foundation for my future. The teachers and coaches have been great. I made a great group of friends who I will always be in contact with no matter where we all go to college or in life. 

We will be friends forever. It is really a great school.”

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