John Mitchell Day Ceremony


The John Mitchell Day Ceremony and Man of the Year was held this year at the Cathedral Cemetery.

Mitchell was the great labor leader who fought for an eight-hour work day, minimum wage, and safety standards in the mines.  The AOH Hook O’Malley Division 4 has been celebrating John Mitchell Day for the past 13 years.  Keith Oleski, AOH member, was awarded Man of the Year for his past dedication to the Union and his community.

Shown from left are:  James Barrett, historian;  Joe Walsh, state director;  Colleen Gerrity,  James Connor, treasurer;  James Sweeney,  Patrick O’Malley, president;  Vincent O’Malley,  Keith Oleski, John Mitchell Man of the Year and Marshall;  Mary Lou Oleski,  Judge Thomas Munley,  Jay Sheckman, Joe Hosie, PA AOH president;  Gene Widdick,  John Trauma, Columbus Day Association;  Katie Hosie,  Sarah Walsh, and  Nora Connor. 

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