Area Author Travels to Promote Book

Bill Ciccotti photo

Dunmore native and author Bill Ciccotti is traveling to Cuba in December for a book signing tour and to pursue research for several upcoming Key West and Cuba books.

A book signing tour by Dunmore native Bill Ciccotti is being set up during an upcoming December trip to Cuba. The author will be traveling on Norwegian Cruise Lines on the Norwegian Sky into Cuba for the book signing tour.

“It will be my first landing on “Isle Juana” as Christopher Columbus called it,m” Ciccotti says. “We’re working on the visas now. Those crazy Key West characters will be available in Cuba soon.”

The author is very excited about the trip and insists that the “cigars, rum and old cars” have nothing to do with his enthusiasm. He is sure the trip will provide inspiration for future embellished tales.

Bill has written four Key West tropical misadventure, fictional books that feature Cuban themes. This will be the first time he has actually traveled to Cuba and the experience should provide a treasure trove of information and color for future Tropical Adventure books. Bill is looking forward to meeting the Cuban people and seeing how they like his works.

His books are available on or visit his author page on Amazon.

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