Letter to the Editor: July 2017

letterDear Editor,

My wife and I recently completed an interaction with the Lackawanna County Land Bank.  For the past eight years we have tried in vain to obtain possession of a now vacant lot which borders our property.  The lot located at 211 N. Cameron Avenue once supported a single dwelling.

This home was abandoned approximately eight years ago.  Since that time we were informed that there was a $24,000 H.U.D. demolition loan attached to the property.

After reading about the creation of the land bank, we contacted the Lackawanna County Commissioners Office, and soon received a call from Commissioner Patrick O’Malley.  He directed us to the appropriate officials at the Land Bank and the red tape was dissolved.

My wife and I were pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and swiftness which allowed us to finally complete the purchase.  

I would like to thank Commissioner O’Malley, the Land Bank officials, and all governmental officials associated with the project.  This experience has been a sterling example of government working with and for its citizens.

Greg and Joan Popil
Scranton, PA

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