County Commissioners participate in “Lock ‘Em Up Day”


Recognizing the extreme importance of proper disposal and storage of prescription drugs, the Lackawanna County Commissioners participated in “Lock ‘Em Up Day” in the community.  Access to opioids and other medication has become a State and National epidemic and has caused thousands of deaths.

This campaign, involving the medical and law enforcement communities, schools, treatment facilities, and the general public, is designed to promote how to properly secure, store or dispose of medication and highlight local take-back programs.

Shown from left:  William Hoban, Director of the Lackawanna/Susquehanna Office of Drug & Alcohol Programs; Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley, Commissioner Laureen A. Cummings, Lackawanna County District Attorney Shane Scanlon, State Representative Karen Boback, and Lackawanna County President Judge Michael J. Barrasse.   


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