Letter to the Editor: Presidential Pitfall

trump__clinton-2-701x482To the Editor,

Donald Trump, who is reportedly worth in the range of $10 billion, lost $915 million in 1995, and it is reported that he hasn’t paid federal income for 18 years.  

Hillary Clinton makes $235,000 in speaking fees, from companies that gain favors from “our government.”  The Clinton Foundation is being blasted because foreign governments are “donating” millions of dollars to it.

This is all LEGAL. Why?  Because of the people that you and I elect to that “Den of Vipers” called Congress.  They are the ones that write the tax laws. They are the ones that sell their souls to the PACs.  Why do you think they spend $10 million to gain a position that pays less than $100,000.  

We are complaining about the buffoons that are running for the presidency of our great country.  Are these the two best candidates that our country can come up with?  If  it is, then why?  Could it be our own fault?  Could it be that we keep filling the sewers with the same rats, election after election?  

The answer is “YES.” Until we as an electorate clean out Congress, until the people that we elect understand that we are looking at the laws they pass, until they know that they WILL be replaced if they do not pass laws that benefit all Americans and not just the top 1 percent, until then we will come up with candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to be President of these Ununited States of America. Good Lord please protect the fools, that we are.

Joe Skinner

Clarks Summit

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