St. Mary’s Class of 1966 reunites after 50 years

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Eighth grade classmates of the Saint Mary of Mount Carmel Class of 1966 held their 50th reunion on June 11, 2016. The reunion activities started with 4 p.m. Mass at Saint Mary of Mount Carmel Church followed by a self-guided tour of the school.

During the tour, the classmates were able to visit the classrooms, library, cafeteria, and principal’s office. At one point, they took their seats in a classroom as they did 50 years ago. Conversations centered around how the high quality of education and discipline at St. Mary’s had a positive effect on their lives.

After the school tour, the classmates had a reception and dinner at La Una Banquet Hall on Drinker Street in Dunmore. Timothy McGurl played Beatles songs on his guitar as his classmates shared photographs, stories about their families and jobs, and their escapades at St. Mary’s.

One such story centered on Madelyn’s Penny Candy Store. This popular candy store was on Chestnut Street near the school during the 1950’s and 1960’s, but was off limits to the students. Students would attempt to sneak into Madelyn’s to buy candy by leaving the official school line on the way home. For just a few candy cigarettes or atomic fireballs, Robert Meehan (Rollo) and William Cicciotti (Wild Bill) recalled spending many hours standing in the classroom corner after getting caught by Sister Victoire.

While there were humorous stories, many classmates expressed that going to St. Mary’s not only provided an excellent education, but served as the basis for lasting friendships which can only happen in a place such as Dunmore. Perhaps, this was best stated by Ellen Burne in a letter expressing her disappointment for being unable to attend the reunion. She stated in part “Personally, my memories of living in Dunmore are among those most dear to me. We are all so fortunate to have been raised in such a loving, family oriented community where friends for life were made.”

The classmates wish to thank the Reunion Committee of Regina Kearney Garvey, Mary Alice Golden McCormick, and James McCormick for all their work in organizing this outstanding event. They also made a donation to the school in memory of two classmates, Susan Gilligan and Michael McDonald.


Out of the original class of 58 students, over half (30) attended the reunion event including:

Robert Farrell, Robert Kelleher, Regina Kearney Garvey, Mary Alice Golden McCormick, Gerald Conway, Donald Loftus, Robert McDonald, Sharon Maus Pitoniak, Kathy Fennie Blythe, Marianne Kramer, James McCormick, Patrick Cuff, John Earley, Regina Garvey, Mary Katherine Kreis Curtis, William Ciccotti, Michelle Langan Rohulich, Eileen McLaine Mallas, Laurie Holmes Ekes, Linda Dougherty Borland, Maria Graci Ceccacci, Patricia Grady, James Vinard, Robert Meehan, Brian McAndrew, Timothy McGurl, Owen Dougherty and Lorraine Spangler Vitris.

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